Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Summer Preview

Spring seems to have finally arrived here in Portland, and I couldn't be more excited. After 5 months of feeling rather cooped up, it's time to get back out into the wide world. In fact, there's so much I want to do that it's a little overwhelming.

To keep myself on track, I've decided to list all the trips and excursions I have planned for this summer.

1. Portland Area Jaunts
I just received my Portland Trails map in the mail, quite the bargain at only $4.95. It charts a variety of cycling and walking paths in the area and will not doubt see a lot of use as I transition from gym workouts to outdoor jogging and biking.

2. Bike Tour to Sebago Lake
This state park lies to the northwest of Portland, on the northern shore of the sizable lake. I plan on cycling up there (route TBD), camping one night, and cycling back the next day. The park opens May 1--right around the corner!

3. Champlain Islands Bike Tour
In the northern section of Lake Champlain, just below the Canadian border, there's a string of islands that's calling my name. Starting in Burlington, I'll cycle up the Vermont shore using primarily back roads and cross over onto the peninsula that juts down into the lake from Canada. Route 2 connects it and the islands, on which there are several state parks where I can pitch my tent. This will also be a 2-day excursion.

4. MDI Exploration
Mount Desert Island, home to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, is one of the most scenic locales I've visited in Maine. I hope to return this summer and partake of all it has to offer: carriage-trail cycling, challenging hikes, a rock climbing course, and much more. In addition, I'm looking forward to exploring the less-touristy corners of MDI, including Bass Harbor and Southwest Harbor.

5. Quebec City or Puerto Rico?
I'm trying to pencil in a trip a bit farther afield for the beginning of June. This is still in the early planning stages, however, and may not come to pass.

6. Touring the Maritimes
My summer will culminate with a month-long bicycle tour through Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick. I have a good idea of my route but will save the details for future posts. Needless to say, I'm quite thrilled about this journey, which will most likely take place from mid-August to mid-September. Hopefully I'll have moved out of my apartment prior this, and afterwards will be ready to take on a new adventure!

All this and more this summer here on WayWorded. Stay tuned!

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