Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slow December

Please pardon the mini-hiatus. Not much travel has been done this month, but I've been busy nonetheless. Book proposals, travel writing, trip preparation...December has been a stationary yet hectic season. Check out my growing list of bylines in the sidebar to see what I've been up to.

The closing of the year engenders thoughts of the future. As WayWorded's first anniversary is only a week away, I've been carefully pondering where to take it in its second year. But the possibilities are limitless, and I could use some help. So I've decided to ask you, the reader, for suggestions. What would you like to see next year on WayWorded? Should I keep it personal or refocus it on travel tips for others? Should its voice be narrative or informational?

Now, you might be saying, "Hal, why are you asking for reader input? You only have like 10 readers!" Well, that just means it's all the more important that each and every one of you let your voice be heard! Share your input in the comments.

New designs, new ambitions, new journeys...all this awaits in the new year. I hope you'll check in from time to time to watch it unfold.

Happy New Year,

- Hal


aya said...

keep it personal, that's my vote. what attracts me most to blogs is hearing the voices of the individuals who keep them. cheers to a fresh and wonderful 2009.

julie said...

Personal's my vote too. I'm actually tired of people offering advice (but don't tell anybody). I'm yearning more and more for the soulful, funny, flawed, human narratives of personal experience-- and you tell those so well.

Kathy Amen said...

I would say keep on keepin' on, the way you've been writing, whatever your motivation and inspiration has been!

Ridhi Gupta said...

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hal said...

Thanks for the input, everyone! Rest assured it's been taken to heart.