Monday, March 23, 2009

Shifting Gears

As my two faithful readers will no doubt have noticed, it's been quiet here on WayWorded for a couple weeks. The main reason is that I've recently directed the bulk of my writing efforts elsewhere, having been given co-editorship of Matador Trips, one of the sites in the up-and-coming Matador Network of travel blogs.

I couldn't be more excited about the new opportunity. For an official introduction to this and other changes at Matador, check out Trips 2.0: For Trippers, By Trippers.

While my position will likely mean fewer WayWorded posts in the future, I certainly plan to keep this blog updated with my adventures from South America. Just this afternoon, I'm heading out to rural Oruro, in the far west of Bolivia, to undertake a volunteer project with local green-energy developer Energética. Then, if all goes to plan, it's off to the southwestern corner of the country for a 5-day tour of the salt flats. Rest assured you'll be reading all about it when I return.

Happy trails,

- Hal


julie said...

Hope you included me in your faithful reader count, Hal! :) Have a wonderful trip- can't wait to hear about the salt flats, especially!

Kel said...

i'll be checking in to see if you have any new wayworded updates. will miss your posts!!!

congratulations on landing the co-editorship gig. that's very exciting and a great opportunity! looking forward to hearing about the latest adventures once you return. :)

Kathy Amen said...

It really is amazing how far out you can zoom Google Earth and still see the salt flats! Can hardly wait to see your pix.

Stacy Prendeville said...

You got a new reader, I am planning to be volunterring in cochabamba or bolivia at least from september - I have never done anything like this before - your blog's giving me a bit of an idea!!!


Adena said...

I went to Saint Mike's! I love to see the word 'Vermont' anywhere. Cool blog. I work for - we have a cool competition going on right now which involves travel bloggers...check it out?



hal said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Stacy, if you have any questions about Cochabamba or Bolivia, don't hesitate to ask.

stacy said...

Hal - I have questions ;-)))) let me sit down and think concisely first and then I write a little list - many thanks for your offer :-)

hal said...

Stacy, once you get your thoughts in order, email me here: halamen[at]gmail[dot]com.