Friday, May 8, 2009

The View

The view from my $15/night hostel room in Cuzco. I'll be enjoying this for the next 4-5 weeks.

Life is good.


Dominic said...

It's a beautiful place, no doubt. I got sick there for about 5 weeks and lost 20 pounds but still enjoyed it. Have fun over there.


hal said...

Damn, don't jinx me! ;) What happened to keep you sick for FIVE weeks?

Portia Thompson said...

I just graduated highschool with the aspiration to be a freelance journalist/writer.
I love what you do, and your blogs are very entertaining!
Could you give me any tips?
- How do you make money while traveling?
- Where/How do you find places to stay?

Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much!

hal said...

Wow, Portia, I think this is the best compliment I've received on this blog. Thanks!

To provide some quick answers:
The majority of my income comes through freelance work I do for a Korean publisher of educational texts. I worked for them when I lived in Seoul a few years back, and they liked me enough to keep me on as a freelancer. Very sweet.

I also co-edit the website Matador Trips, part of a whole network of sites devoted to travel, including a pretty vibrant community.

Other than that, I take odd freelance jobs as they come.

Places to stay...that depends on where I am, what I'm doing, and how long I'll be there. This year I'm doing volunteer work; the organizations usually provide housing. On the road, I rely on Lonely Planet and/or recommendations from other travelers.

I'd be happy to discuss more--just shoot me an email at halamen[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks again for your comment, and for following the blog.

Happy travels!

prasetio said...

nice view. I think great to stay there. please visit my blog.I have many tips about travel.thanks

Alaya dream soon to become real. said...

I dont want to become a freelancer, but i do want to travel and not be a some resort where i dont feel like i somewhere else in the world i want to enjoy the different cultures. Your blog pushs but to life my dream. my dream is to travel the world. I dont have much money but i have big dreams.
the hostel for $15/night where was that and how was ur stay there and how do i book a room there??? i know i ask tons of questions but i'm a female it's in hope to here something soon...thanks.

hal said...

Thanks for the comment, Alaya. Here's the link to the guesthouse I stayed at:

Travel can definitely be done cheaply, especially in parts of South America and Asia. Also, you should look into couchsurfing: