Monday, January 4, 2010

The End of Travel...?

Provocative title, yes?

Happy New Year, first of all. I got so wrapped up in posting year-in-review lists over at Matador Trips that the milestone came and went uncelebrated here at WayWorded. And I think I'm in the minority; if you're jonesing, here are several quality end-of-years to check out:

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For me, the new decade marks a shift. I spent all of 2009 on the go, exploring the dialects, menus, volunteer opportunities, and cultural idiosyncrasies of southern South America. The experience brought me to some hard truths--the most significant of which is that I'm ready to start putting down roots.

As of next week, I'll be hanging up my suitcases (or more likely throwing them away--they were bought in a Santiago bargain store and are total crap) and scouring the homeland for a place to call home.

So what does this mean for a travel blog? Well, to kill the cliffhanger brought on by the title of this post, I'll say it DOESN'T mean the end of travel! After all, back when I started WayWorded at the intro of 2008 (wow, two years!), I was more-or-less stationary in Portland, Maine. In fact, it was being stationary that gave me the time and motivation to kick off a blog in the first place. It's that kind of creative potential that's driving me homeward.

And, if that's not convincing enough, I just purchased tickets for a 2-week trip to Spain in April. No, the travel is most decidedly not over. It's simply that 2010 will encompass much more.

Can't wait.


julie said...

Interesting that so many of us are in the same flow, no? And it's also interesting that as much as we may have feared or resisted putting down roots at some point, it feels just fine now! :)

Candice said...

Thanks for the linkage! There's nothing wrong with putting down roots. I sorta want a balance - someplace to always come back to, but can also leave freely when I want. Too much to ask for, probably.

hal said...

@Julie: Ah, how things change. :)

@Candice: No way. That's exactly what we're shooting for, and I strongly believe it's possible.

Lola said...

I totally hear you. Putting down roots is certainly necessary at various stages in life.

Valerie said...

Sounds exciting Hal! I may have to follow your route next year, but who knows. So jealous of your upcoming trip to Spain.

Lauren Quinn said...

Glad to see you back at it. And glad to hear you're gonna keep the blog going. I found it definitely a lot easier to write posts when I was traveling, but there's so damn much to write about in the world that I doubt you'll be at a loss--I haven't been yet.

Two weeks in Spain? Isn't it funny how a trip like that, which for a lot of Americans would be one of the biggest trips of their lives, seems so minor when we've been traveling a ton? I've caught myself lamenting that I'm not leaving the country until August, but I'm going on a 2-week road trip and hopping over to Hawaii before that....

Looking forward to more posts.

hal said...

@Lauren: For sure. 2 weeks is nothing--this is actually more of a family visit. But I hope to be able to dip into Morocco and follow your off-the-beaten-path guide. :)

Have a blast in HI.

Anne M said...

Your title made me spill my coffee.

I totally agree that living out of suitcases can get a little disjointing. Putting down roots is great for recharging yourself. Best of luck to you! Will you be going back to Maine?

hal said...

@Anne: Yes! I'll chalk up one coffee spill. In Maine at the moment but, though nothing's for certain, figure we'll try our luck back in TX first.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Hal. I am glad our paths have crossed in this crazy interweb world. I have never met you in person but I know we would get along swell toasting marshmellows over a campfire.

hal said...

@Joshy: Same to you, brother!

Amiee said...

I like to refer to home as homebase. Then I feel like I have a home that serves as a launchpad for adventure!