Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Beer in Unexpected Places

There's a phenomenon in Texas called Lone Star Beer.

The brand promotes itself as the state's "national beer." I know lots of states have their own homegrown Budweiser alternative, but given the population of Texas, Lone Star is probably the most-drunk. The "nationalist" label obviously appeals to die-hard locals, including those who advocate (with varying degrees of tongue-in-cheek) for secession.

But Lone Star also seems to be the brew of choice among the Austin hipster set. Walk into one of those consciously designed dive bars on E. 6th (Shangri-La, Rio Rita, etc.) and you'll see a whole lot of skinny jeans and whole lot of red and gold cans.

My take: Sure, Lone Star's cheap, but I don't care to drink it unless it's free. And there happen to be a couple places in East Austin where that's the case:

1. Birds Barbershop - This local chain (four locations, one on E. 6th) doesn't take appointments, so you typically wind up waiting when you get there. But it's cool, because Lone Star cans are on the house. (Haven't had cause to test this, but I'm assuming it's limit one per customer). Mohawks go for $15.

Note: Best to chug it if your number's almost up. Drinking while draped in that black sheet thingy is kinda awkward.
Photo: Design Crisis

2. I Luv Video - Another Austin chain, I Luv's Airport Blvd. location is probably the biggest video store I've ever been in. It's easy to spend half an hour wandering the two stories, searching for off-beat sci-fi movies I've never heard of. So it's pretty sweet that on Tuesday nights they give out free Lone Star--and at this place it's kegged.

Note: They ID everyone and are pretty serious about not taking beer outside. Brew flows till the keg floats.
Photo: Austin360


Kathy Amen said...

Just goes to show you ANYTHING will eventually become trendy.

I wanna see that video store next time I'm in town.

Michelle Schusterman said...

EW!! Grew up in TX, can't stand that beer. Good thing I'm no hipster! :)

argoshots said...

Umm, the beer of Texas is Shiner, made at the Spoetzl Brewery for over 102 years.

When I went to UT in the mid-80's, we referred to Lone Star as "Drag-Worm Beer".

Brietta Perez said...

And yet in Chicago it's sold as an import.