Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Petra: 7 More Images

Even the walk into Petra is gorgeous. You pass through the Siq, or Gorge, which is quite narrow at spots but opens up in others.

This tourist stepped in front of my camera while I was on the ground, turning what would have been just another low-angle shot of the Treasury into something unique.

Similarly, this random guy in a white thawb gives the Great Tomb
some much-needed scale.

Looking back past one of the many groups of riding camels towards the Great Tomb.

Standing before the Monastery, at the top of "900 steps" carved into the sandstone.

Carey and Smena 8M and tombs.

The Monastery. The city on the hill in the background is where the Bedouins, forced out of their Petra caves when the site achieved UNESCO status in 1985, relocated to.


Kathy Amen said...

What an amazing place this must be! I agree with your comments that the folks "intruding" on the shots make them better. Especially the guy in white on the Great Tomb...otherwise you'd have no idea of the scale...which is incredibly impressive!

Joan Elsner said...

I keep saying, "Wow" when I read each post. The shots are just incredible. So glad you had this experience (and arrived safely back home!)

Lola said...

Love the shot with the lady in it! The contrast - her dark robe against the background - gorgeous!

All beautiful photos.

hal said...

Thanks Lola - hats off to serendipity. :)