Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey Parents, Teach Your Kids Korean with My New Book

I'm really excited to report that my latest book project is back from the printers. Ten author copies are stacked on my living room chair, waiting to be shown off and gifted.

My First Book of Korean Words is a language book for young children. It introduces 26 Korean words, paired with the letters of the English alphabet--common words like dal (moon) and nolda (to play); terms specific to Korea and Korean culture, such as hanbok (traditional attire) and ondol (Korean heating system); words like echwi (achoo!) and yaong (meow) that show how foreign ears often interpret sounds in different ways; and English loan words like roket (rocket) and sillopon (xylophone).

The crew responsible for content creation is the same that worked on Korean for Beginners, with Kyubyong Park and myself responsible for the words. One happy difference with this project is that it puts the artistic talent of my wife (dba Aya Padron) center stage. Her illustrations make the book.

My First Book of Korean Words is published by our good friends at Tuttle, and is available for pre-order at Amazon now ($10.36; official release is still a couple months away). Check it out, and if you buy a copy, we'd love to get your feedback via a review at Amazon.

Happy reading,

- Hal

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Kathy Amen said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the illustrations! The cover is beautiful!