Monday, September 21, 2009


WayWorded's been dragging. I've been dragging.

For the past couple months, I haven't felt much inspiration to post here. Fatigue. Burnout.

Now, a turning point.

Work's slowing down. The weather's warming up. And I'm spending more time exposing myself to online content that inspires.

The link lists have been started--check them out in the lower righthand corner. For now, they're mostly Matador offshoots. But they'll grow with time.

WayWorded will continue to grow too. I'm ready to re-light the fire.


Kathy Amen said...

Just what I need! More blogs to read! 8-) But I'm glad to see where I can read more from some of the other Matador folks that I've come to enjoy.

julie said...

Yay! As David would say: More fire! Mas fuego! Que prende la candela!

aya said...

yay! more posts! nice links too. makes me want to update my own blogrolls...