Friday, September 4, 2009

Tied Up

Silly me. For the last couple months, I was looking forward to September.

"The work will ease up," I told myself, "and I'll have nothing to do but explore Buenos Aires and enjoy myself."

Ha. The work keeps coming, and though my bank account thanks me, my sense of adventure does not.

And on top of everything else going on this month, I've accepted a temporary guest editor position at I'll be contributing short posts to the site near-daily until the lead editor returns from a trip to Africa (talk about adventure). Anyone wondering where my typings are showing up this month, head over there.

In between writing assignments, here's what I'm dreaming about:

* Taking in the Argentina vs. Brazil World Cup qualifier tomorrow
* Moving to a more atmospheric BA neighborhood at the end of the month
* Busing to the wine country of Mendoza and cultural capital of Córdoba in October
* Eating juicy steaks with a couple of my Matador colleagues that live here
* Closing out a year in South America with an as-yet-to-be-determined trip, before flying north to lovely, snowy (hopefully) Maine for the holidays

Okay, I feel better now. Life is good. Peace.


Lauraw said...

Qué lindo blog! Para una argentina no hay nada mejor que...leer sobre Argentina!
Excepto por los bifes (puaj! soy vegetariana), te envidio en todo. Buena suerte en esta última parte de tu viaje, la más importante y mejor seguramente, je! Y por favor seguí compartiendo las historias de porteños/as!

hal said...

Gracias, Lau! Estoy muy contento vivir en BA ahora.

De hecho, mi esposa y yo somos vegetarianos en casa, pero es casi imposible existir aca sin comer carne, no? Ya encontramos unos restaurantes "naturales," pero son la minoria.

De todas maneras, voy a seguir escribiendo sobre esta ciudad unica. :)