Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 Images from a Trip through Spain

1. Vaulted nave of the Gothic Cathedral, Barcelona

2. Cliff lookout of Ronda, Málaga

3. Big waves at Playa del Sardinero, Santander, Cantabria

4. Carving of the Palacio Nazaríes, Alhambra, Granada

5. Flamenco at Los Tarantos, Granada

6. Inside the Alcazaba, Alhambra, Granada

7. Sweet wines of Antigua Casa de Guardia, Málaga

8. Dusk in Potes, Picos de Europa

9. Door of the Passion Facade, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

10. Bathhouse ceiling, Alhambra, Granada

11. Don Quijote's windmills, Consuegra, Castilla-La Mancha


JoAnna said...

I've never been to Spain but would like to visit some day. I really like the photo you took of the door. It looks huge ~ and heavy!

Lola said...

Gorgeous. My fav is #2 - cliff lookout of Ronda, Málaga. Such atmosphere in that shot.

hal said...

Thanks guys. Lola, I chose that one for my desktop background!

Anne M said...

Wow! The last shot is my favourite. Love the flamenco pic too - you're lucky to have found such an intimate show.

Mike said...

Cool collection, I favor the windmills.