Friday, March 26, 2010

My Tips for Renting a Car in Argentina

This little blog is doing alright, numbers-wise. I'm under no fantasies that this has to do with anything other than all the link love coming my way from Matador, but hey, it still feels good.

One thing this means is I've started getting offers of "partnership opportunities" from other travel and non-travel sites out there. I got one yesterday from NileGuide and another today from a company called IZEA. Both I turned down.

But I didn't say no to CheapOair when they contacted me last December. They were interested in having me write a short piece for their blog and posting a little link text here at WayWorded. In return, theoretically, I (and Matador, it turns out), would benefit from their link love.

I didn't agree so much because it seemed like a good deal (it didn't, actually), but that I was into writing about the idea I came up with--lessons learned renting a car in western Argentina.

After much delay (backlog from other eager participants, I guess), my post went up on CheapOair today. Here it is: 10 Tips for Renting a Car in Argentina. Hop over and check it out if you'd like. Or don't. There's nothing in it for you.

And, to fulfill the second part of the bargain, here's the link text they asked me to post:

[Big Airline Tickets Sale Going On Now through Book & Save an Extra $15.]

Ah, the slightly disturbing inner workings of online advertising.


Anonymous said...

CheapO has been a pretty great tool in the past for me--and I'm not just hypeing your collabo with them. :) I thought about driving in Peru once. Then I came to my senses about self-preservation. Maybe Western Argentina is a safer choice.

hal said...

Heyo! Good to hear my "partner" has a good rep. :) And yes, driving in rural Argentina is no sweat--just don't run out of gas.

Carlo said...

Hey Hal...funny, I've been getting the same thing by a few sites, the latest one from

I actually accepted the nileguide one (figured Nick's involved with them, so...)...but not the cheapoair one...maybe I should reconsider.