Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday morning I upped my handshake count of Matador staffers to 5, in an all-too-brief Austin brunch with Matador Nights editor Tom Gates and Matador Sports intern Lindi Horton.

These faces to names were added to Kate Sedgwick (other half of the Nights duo) and Adam Roy (head man at Sports), both of whom I met last year in Buenos Aires, and new intern Cathey Franke, a San Antonio local who joined Carey and me for lunch at Madhatters, a shared favorite Southtown joint.

How many more to go? I'm not even sure. Maybe about 30 just counting the team, and like 12,000 when that opens up to the community at large. Better get started.


JoAnna said...

Sounds like you had a blast meeting the team at SXSW. We're tied for Matador meetings now ... I've crossed paths with Ross, Ian, Joshywashington, Leigh and Abbie. I'll be adding Amiee to the mix in less than two weeks. Crazy how we're all spread out and yet manage to bump into each other. It really is a small world.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Wish I could've been there - I'm sure it was a blast. Maybe next year's SxSW will beckon more Matadorians?

Adam Roy said...

I'm on three so far (you, Leigh, and Kate). I've now twice missed Tom by a week or less, so maybe I get partial credit for that one too? ;)