Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Groupsource My Travel: Spain and Morocco

2003, Mediterranean coast

I may be deep into the homebuying process, but that doesn't mean I'm putting off an opportunity to hop on a plane and fly 5,000 miles across the ocean. We locked in our tickets back in December, anyway--before we knew whether the house dream was going to happen. So it's not total irresponsibility. But there's zero margin for missing our flight back--the scheduled closing date is three days after our return.

I've trained the upper half of Spain's Mediterranean coast a couple times, but this trip will be different. It starts in the north in Santander and Picos de Europa, stops in Barcelona for a day (Easter), and then settles in Málaga and Granada for a few before cruising back north to Madrid.

The final four days of overseasdom will roll out in Marrakech. This will be our first trip in 6 years sans-Lonely Planet. I've opted instead for Matador colleague Paul Sullivan's Hedonist's Guide to Marrakech. To be LP-free is liberating and disorienting. But I'm betting we survive.

That's the itinerary. Have you been to these places? If I were your puppet, where would you dangle me? Where to go, what to see. Groupsource me.

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Lauren Quinn said...

Oh man---so similar to my last international trip. I think you'll do just fine wandering around Marrakesh without LP (a bold move, indeed). Granada is really really cool---free tapas and a killer old Quarter. Wander, get lost, eat some free snacks.